The Post Room

Whenever I hear of a new shop or eatery opening up in town, I’m always keen to check it out as soon as I can.

Deal’s accolade of High Street of the Year in 2014 has brought a swathe of new shops and restaurants to the town. Some have longevity, others are gone within months.

I am confident that The Post Room, part of Deal Train station, will be in the former camp.

The children and I popped there on the way home from town having spotted the revamp last weekend. I was instantly impressed by the attention to detail shown in the refurb – think old scaffold board shelves, enamel containers, beautifully penned labels befitting it’s industrial surroundings – and also by the variety of food and drink on offer:
Oaty banana bread, pain au chocolat, home made cakes, locally sourced produce. Right up my street. Oh, and an extensive brunch delivery menu for the bank holiday weekend!  

The children were in particularly indecisive moods but the owner was patient, helpful and offered to make something that wasn’t on the menu when the item they chose was sold out (we visited around midday, they open at 5.45am to catch the commuter trade!).

We enjoyed a light lunch in the sunshine and a beautiful cup of tea.

Pop in if you’re passing.
Or even of you’re not….

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