Deal market: shop local!

When I was younger and visited Deal market I don’t remember it being anything to write home (or write a blog) about. In fact all I remember is a meat wagon and a guy yelling about 400 sausages for a fiver…

However, in recent years Deal market has slowly but surely become my favourite destination on a Saturday morning. Early. 

As I’ve mentioned in my meal planning posts, we shop monthly (at Aldi, since you ask) and then top up weekly with fresh ingredients or bits we have run out of. And when we moved back to Kent we were determined to try as much as possible to use local produce and support local business. 

Deal market enables us to do this mostly in one place with stalls including: fruit and veg, flowers, honey and eggs, a plant stall, a bakery stall, a coffee wagon (Real Deal Roasters, can’t recommend their coffee enough) and, to my delight, an increasing number of brick a brac / second hand, dare I say it “vintage” stalls. 

From Sandwich’s French market, but the same stall is at Deal market most weeks.

In recent months I have bought the following at Deal market with my fresh veg: a wooden milking stall, enamel bowls, a plethora of enamel equipment for the children’s mud kitchen, a shelving unit for my little boy’s room, a Mason Cash bowl, a vintage clock, a shopping basket… Oh and my eldest had bought any number of old matchbox cars and other tat – hee hee! We also got our Christmas tree there.

              Forgot the stoneware jar too…

Some weeks I come away empty handed, but every week I at least have a bunch of seasonal blooms and some fruit and veg!

 Think she was even more chuffed than I was – £4!!!!

If you happen to be near Deal on a Saturday morning, have a wee look at the market on Union Road car park. It won’t take you all day and it’s worth a potter around.

It kicks off around 8ish and by 2 most stalls are packing up so worth getting there earlier on. In the depths of winter only the really hardy stall owners turn up (mostly the produce and the blooms!!!) but in the summer it can get quite packed.

L x 

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