18.9.16 This week’s meal plan

Back again with another meal plan!!!

We have had a great weekend and I really love getting organised on Sundays so we went out for a walk and breakfast this morning, collected some autumn nature items and whilst the chidren craft (or sometimes if I’m really lucky, the grandparents take the children out on a Sunday pm which means I can be even more organised), my kitchen tends to look a bit like this:

That’s chilli for tomorrow, mash for today’s cottage pie and vegetable pasta sauce for Tuesday.

I find this is the only way to ensure we eat fresh healthy food on the days I work. Thursday and Friday I have a bit more time!!! And I always make double so that I can keep the freezer well stocked for mad days or when I’m not feeling well.

I think I would do this even if I didn’t work though, as setting aside this time once a week really avoids the “Gahhh I don’t know what to cook / can’t be bothered so I’ll just throw some fish fingers in!” moments. Not that there’s anything wrong with fish fingers, it’s just if it’s 3/5 times a week I start to worry…

The recipe for the vegetable pasta is one I’ve been using for years and is a great way to get veg into your kids.

Laura’s Pepper Pasta

Chop one onion and soften in oil in a saucepan. Chop 2 red peppers and one large courgette into similar sized chunks and soften with the onion. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes. Cook until the veg is soft enough to mash to the side of the saucepan.

Blitz with a hand blender and add approximately 4oz cheese and let it melt into the sauce. Add to pasta!

This also freezes brilliantly!!! 

The other featured recipe  to share with you today is this one from Asda: 

Crispy topped tomato and mascarpone fish

Supermarket magazines are a great source of recipes for me and they are usually very economical.

Let me know how you get on with the recipes this week! You can find all my meal plans on instagram using my hashtag #mealplanningwithlaura 
L x

P.S Here are our autumn crafts!

7 thoughts on “18.9.16 This week’s meal plan

    1. Love reading your meal planner blogs. I might pick up some Supermarket food mags for more ideas. Love the crafts, oh and your fruit basket! So cute! Where is it from? X


  1. Hi Laura- thank you so much for sharing your meal planning and recipes! You have really inspired me and the pepper pasta sauce sounds so good! It is lovely to share your life through Your blog and Instagram. Liking the Gruffalo tea caddy by the way in your kitchen photo! Have a good week! Xx


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