This week’s meal plan 9.10.16

Second week of October already?!

We have had a good and productive week involving quite a bit of baking and cooking which has been lovely.

This week I have my dad coming to stay on Tuesday so I’ve planned for a comforting chilli which can stay on the hob until he arrives! 

We’re also having baked fish parcels and chunky meatball soup from my humble folder of Sainsburys recipe cards and trying liver… Which could go either way! The health benefits are massive though and a portion for 4 of us cost 80p – I kid you not.

This week we have also been making autumn cookies (simple gingerbread recipe here)

Cookie cutters from Sainsburys a little while ago (I am a fan of their home section! I promise they haven’t sponsorsed this week’s post… But perhaps they should!)

Look out for posts this week about my first bloggers event in Ashford visiting lots of independent shops.

Have a great week!

L x 

One thought on “This week’s meal plan 9.10.16

  1. I love meal planning at the moment, and love getting meal inspiration from other folks’ meal plan – it’s so easy to fall into a food rut. There is no joy in making the same things week in week out. Chilli is on my list for next week – I always make a big batch so there are portions for the freezer, for those days when you need home cooked goodness in a flash. Or a ‘ping!’ 😉
    I wish I’d taken photos of my chalkboard every week, so I could remember what we’d had, and which were hits and which were damp squibs, not to be repeated.
    In fact, that might be my new challenge and a good way to get me back on the blog!
    Autumn is always my most productive and creative time of year…I love it.
    Right, I’m off to have a read through your earlier posts – so glad that you’re enjoying blogging, and are reaping the benefits.
    Sarah x


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