Discovering somewhere new on your doorstep… Well. Almost. 

You know when you’ve lived somewhere for a long time and think you know the good places to go and all that shenanigans…  And then you discover somewhere new which takes your breath away?

That was my Saturday. Half term was busy with lots of friends visiting which was lovely,  but on Saturday I fancied open spaces,  fresh air and a bit of perspective,  which I nearly always find by the sea. .

I happened to be browsing instagram (I know,  unlikely) and happened upon the most beautiful picture of a beach I half recognised and instantly decided I had to visit. There’s something quite special about a deserted beach in the winter,  I almost prefer it to mid summer,  especially when there’s a beautiful sunset.

Thirty minutes later Kingsgate Bay lay before me,  the sun setting behind the beach and the light reflecting off the white cliffs and impressive Kingsgate Castle. I’d been to both neighbouring beaches before but never this one. Perhaps because access is limited unless you want to pay at the pub overlooking the bay (£10 a day) but you can park on the road at nearby Joss Bay and walk the 5 minute walk along to Kingsgate.

Warning: there is a stretch of narrow road for approximately 100 yards past the castle where there is no path – it’s a bit hairy so be aware if you are with children. 

Filled with caves and arches,  it’s an A level Geography student’s dream (though that was me once, and I can’t remember anything of any use). Word has it that its also a good spot for prawning  if that’s your hobby of choice.

The sea was gentle and sparkling, washing up oyster shells and smooth chalky white pebbles.

And I couldn’t resist messing around with the groynes… Ahem.
I completely fell in love with this gem of a place with its smooth sand and peaceful sands – I guess it helped that it was February so not many sunbathers…

And what I learnt is that sometimes you have to be spontaneous and get off your bum to find some brilliant places almost on your doorstep.  Kingsgate beach,  I will be back,  probably with a flask of tea. Or the portable BBQ and a cricket set for (sandy) hot dogs or prawns on the beach.

L x

One thought on “Discovering somewhere new on your doorstep… Well. Almost. 

  1. I agree, I think I love the beach more in the winter, especially when the sun sets. What a beautiful beach this is, those dramatic cliffs are so different to our shingle beaches further down the coast in Hampshire.


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