Every SODDING day in May…


It’s day 8.  My legs are tired, my arms are tired, my bags under my eyes are tired (and resemble suitcases) and my tired is… Um… tired.

But a few years ago I said I would do this and frankly, I’ve run out of excuses so I’m doing it… and in a weird sadistic way, I’m enjoying it.


Four years ago I had just had a baby. A second baby.  In some ways that’s easier – you know what to expect.  In other ways, nothing prepares you for the incredible increase in the contents of your washing basket.  I remember looking at the washing on day 4 – the day the baby blues kicked in – and sobbing!

Then there was my body.  There are no two ways about it:  I am bad at being pregnant. From the moment I found out both times, I suffered crippling nausea and the only thing that got rid of it was eating.  A lot.  In my defense, apples featured heavily both times in my pregnancies, they sorted the nausea short term.  But the rest of the time it was all about the stodge.  And I also hold onto water like a veritable camel.

Consequently I put on about 4 stone each time and although the first 2.5. stone came off pretty quickly (so quickly it left me with stretch marks… thanks pregnancy gods) the last stone and a half was tough.  With Eli I eventually go there on my own and with a bit of help from Jillian Michaels and the 30 day shred. With Carys I was so disheartened and miserable, I looked for alternatives.  Which is when I found Sally from fitnaturally on Twitter.  I really wanted to change how we ate, not that we ate badly, but it needed some balance and all the fads on the news confused the hell out of me.


fitnaturally offered weekly meal plans written by Sally, a professional nutritionist,  which were balanced and fad free and I knew it would change how we ate as well as help me organise life with 2 children, whom I wanted to feed well too.  There was also an online weekly weigh in and a shedload of encouragement via email and social media.  Sally was always around to answer questions and give me a kick up the bum.  I lost the weight, kept it off and developed some great eating habits which I still stick to probably 80% of the time.  The plans were also not expensive (less than Slimming World and the like).

Sally also runs Every Day in May.  A charity fitness challenge which she set up after her Mum died.  The challenge is to complete 5 or 10km EVERY SINGLE DAY IN MAY by any self propelled means (walking, running, cycling, space hopper, roller skates…).  I really wanted to do it but was in no shape fitness wise and then we relocated to Kent, I had health issues… There were always excuses.  Until this year.  After chatting to a few people who had done it already and talking to Sal to make sure it wasn’t actually likely to kill me (at this point, I am firmly of the belief that they were all lying), I signed up.  I thought I could combine my love of taking photos with the challenge and those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen me trying to take a variety of pictures to log my progress whilst also trying not to bore you all to death.  Which in itself is tricky.


Now I must make it clear:  I like the idea of exercise.  and when I do it, I generally quite enjoy it.  But fitting it in round work and real life has always been a challenge and I lack motivation*.  I am not a runner, and before this month, exercise didn’t really feature on my radar other than a quick stagger home from the pub.

But I’m doing it.  For 8 days straight I have dragged my bum off the sofa, or out of my very cosy bed some mornings, and done my 5km.  The challenge is not the distance. Even for someone who doesn’t exercise, 5km on a bike is not too bad.  My legs feel like dead weights and my knees frequently scream at me when climbing the stairs but it’s all OK….  The challenge is doing it EVERY DAY.  Rushing home to fit it in after a full day’s work, planning my weekend around when I’m going to get out.  But I am nothing if not determined.  And there are 111 other people doing it, some of whom I now speak to daily on Instagram, and we keep each other going when its hard. I’m also a fiercely competitive girl, so that helps too.  However hard some days are (and I’m only on week 2) it’s also a complete buzz and is giving me an enormous sense of pride.

And last but not least, so far I have raised £143.75 so far including Giftaid for Dimbleby Cancer Care who offer care and support to families dealing with cancer.  So that’s what it’s all about really isn’t it?  I’ve linked my fundraising page below, if you think I’m mad enough to sponsor me.


Only 23 days to go…..

L x

*like my sofa too much

Virgin Money Giving link

Everyday in May website

Dimbleby Cancer Care


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