Easter activities – keeping kids busy

I’ve been having a think about the impending Easter holidays. Half term was such a success in terms of low pressure and low spend and I’d like to make the Easter holidays similarly simple.

My children love doing crafts and other structured activities at home. Our dining table sees a lot of action and although I also like to give them time to just play (I’m a firm believer in not over stimulating kids and in the power of being bored) it’s nice to plan some themed activities to do together. It might be the teacher in me….

I’ve scoured my previous ideas and the internet and tried to come up with a mix of activities not just crafts.

Here are my top picks.

Easter themed play dough

I usually use the play dough recipe from The Imagination Treebut may also try Claires from play.Hooray. I’ll add the Easter egg cutters I got in Home Bargains and some others I already have as well as Easter sequins and props I picked up in Home Bargains and Poundland.

Easter egg bunting from Baker Ross

I’ve included the link here but we may also make our own versions using a cut out egg template and white card decorated with sequins and glitter paint and so on.


My eldest loves a bit of science. So I plan to do a couple of experiments with an Easter theme.

You will need a jar, an egg and some white vinegar.

Put the egg gently into the jar. Completely cover in white vinegar. Seal the jar and leave for a few days. Up to a week. You’ll see bubbles appear almost instantly. Over time the egg shell will dissolve and leave you with an amazing squishy egg! Have a look here.

Cress egg heads.

I found this on the Nurturestore here.

A bit of planting is always a nice spring activity and these should be fun using empty egg shells and cotton wool or kitchen towels. I think the kids will enjoy adding faces to the eggs and watching their hair grow! Cress grows pretty quickly too so the patience level isn’t too long.

Daffodil sun catchers

Well, apparently the daffodil bunting went down a storm so the next logical step is these! They will look fab on the kids bedroom windows.

Easter baking

I’m planning on making some Easter biscuits using this recipe and the egg cutters I found at Home Bargains.

I’ve bought some writing icing and also some decorations from Sainsburys baking aisle so that the children can decorate the eggs.

I’m also quite sure we will make Easter egg nests. Because… Is it even Easter if you don’t?!?!

We are also planning to get outside to do a spring nature trail like this one, and of course an Easter egg hunt at our local Betteshanger Park – find your local one here.

I hope some of these activities have inspired you. Follow our adventures on Instagram to see how we get on.

L x

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