Easter holiday activities – an update, and my guide to crafts with kids.

So far this holiday has been mostly a washout. That’s not entirely true actually. Last week we had a few lovely days where we visited Walmer Castle and gardens, took a bike ride along the beach and enjoyed chips on the beach during our stay at The Gate House in Dover.

Since then though….

So. In an attempt to keep my 6 and 4 year old’s entertained we revisited our Easter wish list and set to doing some of the activities. Here is how we have got on….

Easter / Spring Biscuits

C was dead keen on this activity and had been nagging all week so on Thursday we made the biscuits using this recipe. We made double the amount to ensure there was enough for both children – it probably made 24 biscuits. I’d grabbed some Easter egg cutters from Home Bargains and also had some chick, rabbit and butterfly cutters.

Then on Sunday we made royal icing using my new Pro Gel food colouring (thoroughly recommend for icing, play dough etc, really vibrant colours!) and set about decorating the biscuits. I had bought some mini smarties, stars etc from Sainsburys and the children added them to their designs. Then they had the idea of making labels in order to gift the biscuits, which we did using felt tips, stickers and luggage tags. We then used biscuit bags to bag them up and deliver them to various friends and relatives.

It took all morning!

Cress egg heads

These I saw on Nurturestore and thought they looked good fun and made a change from cooking. I’d recommend using a knife to top off the eggs so that you have the right sized shells – the larger the better. Then soak cotton wool and add cress inside. We drew faces with sharpies and added googly eyes to some.  Ours haven’t germinated yet… Keep and eye out on Instagram for our progress.

Easter nests

These are always a winner and easy peasy – melt the chocolate, add rice krispies / shredded wheat / cornflakes until the chocolate is all used up, spoon into cake cases, adding mini eggs or similar on top. Keep in the fridge until set!

A lot of people say to me that they worry about mess and get very stressed when crafting with kids.

Here are my 5 top tips to make it slightly less stressful:

  1. Accept there will be mess. It can all be cleaned up more quickly than you think. Explain to the children first that if they want to do the activity, they must be willing to clear up. Offer rewards such as stickers for the best tidier-upper.
  2. Set everything out beforehand. I have a plethora of little bowls and ramekins to set out ingredients and these tubsare great for crafts. Get everything set up first. Older children can help with this. I tend to read through the recipe / instructions methodically and get each thing out as I get to it.

3. Involve the children as much as possible or they will get bored. Trust them to have a go and guide rather than do it for them. Break the instructions down into really small chunks.

4. Don’t push them to do an activity if they don’t want to – you will end up finishing and tidying up.

5. Get the children to choose the crafts they do. I show them options on Pinterest or in craft books – or we type in a theme like “Spring”. Then they will be invested and have ownership and be more likely to stay involved.

Let me know how you get on and if you try any of the actvities suggested here or in my Easter Actvities post.

Happy crafting!


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