Getting outdoors… Whatever the weather

Wow. Long time no blog!

It’s been such a long time, and so much has happened in that time, which I might go into in another blog post one day… But probably not. But I have missed this little space and I’ve missed taking photos and so now feels like a good time to dip a tentative toe back into the world of blogging.

I plan to share the normal things a bit more. Day to day adventures which over the past eighteen months I have learned to appreciate more than ever. I’m desperate to bake more and hopefully share some of that on here too.

But I’m starting with a mini adventure from the past weekend which inspired me to fire up the laptop again and document our days, to coin a well know hashtag.

This was the first weekend in a while where I had the children for the whole weekend with no plans so I had grand plans for a crisp autumn walk… Until I saw the forecast. Rain. All weekend. Worse: drizzle.

As much am I’m not a fair-weather girl, it does limit your options somewhat. However, we have wellies, we have coats and we decided to combine getting outside with going to see my Dad fishing at a local lake. I love water (I actually don’t mind fishing having grown up with it), I love being under canvas, so visiting him on a weekend fishing trip in his bivvy was right up my street, but we weren’t going empty handed.

I made these quick cheese scones (seriously, 5 minutes prep and 15 cooking) and this apple cake (takes longer,but equally simple) early Saturday morning and warmed up some soup. Grabbed a flask and we were good to go.

We arrived at the lake in steady rain and quickly realised I should have brought chairs – my dad only had one – but undeterred we cracked open the soup. The kids sat in the overnight bivvy and I in the day shelter and we watched a nonchalant heron across the water, moorhens and gulls. We nattered and ate hearty food and listened to the rain on the canvas (one of the best sounds in the world in my opinion) and nothing bothered us for an hour. It was perfect.

I’m one for putting too much pressure on myself / events but the moral of this story is that it doesn’t have to be spectacular to be amazing. Some good food, lovely company and getting outside without letting a bit of rain put you off, is just lovely too. This time with the children is the most precious thing to me and I just want to create as any happy memories with them as possible.

Thanks for reading – I hope you enjoyed my first blog post back from the wilderness. As always please say hi on here or over at @teandbiscuits_x and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me blog about.

L x

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